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Insurance & Team Fees


The insurance rates for the 2023 Legion Baseball season are:

  • Jr Team Liability - $96.00 (liability policy expires on 3/01/2024)
  • Jr Team Excess Accident Medical Seasonal - $104.00
  • Jr Team Excess Accident Medical Annual - $152.00
  • Sr Team Liability - $140.00 (liability policy expires on 3/01/2024)
  • Sr Team Excess Accident Medical Seasonal - $123.00
  • Sr Team Excess Accident Medical Annual - $190.00
  • Admin fee was reduced from $35 to $25 and is also non-refundable
  • National fees increased for this season.  , Senior team national fee is $100 and Junior team national fee is $75.


Team Managers – American Legion Baseball online registration process:

  • Teams purchase mandatory American Legion Baseball insurance directly through K&K Insurance, our insurance underwriter for the baseball program.
  • Insurance must be purchased from the K&K Insurance website:
  • Teams will receive their Certificates of Insurance coverage documents and receipt via PDF files at the end of the purchase transaction.
  • You must forward your email acknowledgement from K&K Insurance to Ron Edwards, Montana/Alberta baseball chairman at
  •  Similar to how background check results are entered by the department chairman, the green check mark for insurance will not appear until the insurance purchase is validated by the Department Chairman as shown on the screen shot below.

2019 Team Fees & Insurance

The fee schedule below shows the team registration fees for 2019 season.  The team fees stay the same as last season and SA Van Dyk has raised some of the insurance costs this year.


Class B Teams




Class A Teams




Class AA Teams



* Class A ($250 Team Fee + $50 for State Champ for Regional Tournament expenses + $50 for District Tournament Host for umpire expenses + $50 for State A Tournament Host for umpire expenses per registered A team)
 Print 2019 Team Fees & Insurance 

Total fees for insurance and team registration for the  2019 season:

SENIOR Class B Teams w/ Year Round Insurance Coverage


SENIOR Class B Teams w/ Seasonal Insurance Coverage


Class A & AA Teams w/ Year Round Insurance Coverage


Class A & AA Teams w/ Seasonal Insurance Coverage


Junior Class B Teams w/ Year Round Insurance Coverage


Junior Class B Teams w/ Season Insurance Coverage


Note: To register a team as a "Junior" team all players must be 17 years old or young.

Team Insurance

From S.A. VanDyk:

Teams who purchased insurance on or before May 3, 2018 should have received their certificates via email.  Teams will no longer be mailed insurance packets as in previous seasons, but will receive coverage documents in PDF files via email.  Any claims will be filed online through S.A. VanDyk.    

Beginning Monday, May 7 and moving forward with the 2018 American Legion Baseball online registration process, an improvement to purchasing insurance has been adopted to ensure that coverage documents are received at the end of the purchase transaction.  Teams will now have an additional transaction to complete after registration fees (national and department) have been paid through the our online registration site,  A new website to purchase insurance coverage has been developed in partnership with our agent of record S. A. VanDyk Insurance and the carrier K&K Insurance.  

The new insurance URL link to purchase insurance will be provided once registration fees have been paid.  A quick reference guide for the insurance website which provides screen shots and brief summaries will be available to download and is attached.  Teams will pay for insurance premiums only directly to K&K Insurance.  The $35 S. A. VanDyk Insurance administrative fee will be paid along with national and department fees. 

This enhancement to the online registration provides a more efficient process to expedite everything for our teams, especially during the final push to the June 1 registration deadline. Below are point of contacts to share with teams for customer service questions.

Technical support questions regarding insurance website should be directed to: Hollie Lamle, (260) 459-5053 or

Claims support and insurance questions should be directed to: S.A. VanDyk, (630) 990-7300 or



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